The Christie Charitable Fund Impact Report 2018-19

Without the commitment of our fantastic supporters, we would not be able to provide patients and their families with the level of care and support that we do. This year’s Impact Report not only celebrates the amazing achievements of our supporters, but also showcases some of the life-changing and life-saving projects your support helps us provide. Thank you for making it all possible.



YOU DID IT! The lengths our supporters go to help The Christie never ceases to amaze us. The Christie charity can only be successful thanks to the fantastic support we receive from every single fundraiser, and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything you do.











This year the charity funded the expansion of haematology and ambulatory care to include teenage and young adults for the first time. This means some patients have been able to receive treatments such as chemotherapy, stem cell transplants and supportive care in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home, freeing up inpatient beds for those that need access to our ward based services. £162,288 has been invested for the specialist staff and equipment needed to make this possible. We’ve been delighted to introduce a new state-of-the-art digital therapy system which allows patients to use apps, games and other leisure activities as part of their hospital recovery. RITA, as the technology is known, stands for Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities. Mainly for elderly patients with cognitive impairments such as dementia, the user-friendly system allows patients to enjoy relaxing music, watch archive BBC news footage, view old photographs and listen to famous speeches, to help spark memories and start conversations on the wards. It even can help patients socialise together with activities like bingo and jigsaws.

The Christie charity supports the development of cancer prevention, treatment, research and education through investment in staff, equipment, facilities and other support services that are over and above what the NHS funds. Your generosity helps us deliver a huge range of projects from life-saving research and the latest high-tech equipment to support services that help us make cancer treatment a little easier for our patients. Here are a few examples of some of the things we have been able to fund this year thanks to your donations.



Improving the hospital environment We invested £7m into the redevelopment of the new outpatients’ facility which opened its doors to patients this year. Every year we have 90,000 patient attendances in our outpatients’ department. For many, the first contact that they have with The Christie is through this department. The last time this area was developed was in 1992 and since this time there have been many changes in clinical practice which has meant that demand has outgrown the space. The new space has hugely transformed the patient experience. Patients can now check into outpatients on screens that then direct them to their next step. This gives patients options in terms of where they would prefer to wait. This new system allows more efficient use of rooms and reduces unnecessary delays which means that patients are able to spend less time waiting for appointments and more time at home.

Investing in education This year, over £107,000 was invested in educational courses, and in addition, some educational bursaries and scholarships were funded by the charity, helping to shape the talent of the future. The establishment of a prestigious School of Oncology international scholarship programme has enhanced the reputation of The Christie internationally and led to new relationships with clinicians and organisations from around the world.



Patients at the heart of everything we do The Christie charity supports the psycho-oncology service which contributes to the psychological wellbeing of our patients. In the last year we provided £89,000 to this service. 1,172 new patients were referred in the last 12 months providing essential support to those struggling with anxiety, a lowmood and difficulty adjusting to their treatments and diagnosis.

Improving the quality and quantity of clinical research In 2016 the charity supported a project called Christie Patient Centred Research led by Professor Janelle Yorke. Since then, this service has developed considerably, with an additional nine researchers funded and a further £607,000 invested to ensure the project is able to keep running for the next three years. Patient centred research is directly linked to patient outcomes and includes the personal, social and psychological factors related to illness and experience of health care. By funding this programme we are ensuring that The Christie is pivotal in continuing to lead improvements in cancer care. This year our charity spent more than £2.5m towards research, supporting early phase clinical trials, along with a number of posts as part of our Academic Investment Plan. This is an unprecedented global recruitment drive to bring up to 20 of the world’s leading cancer experts and their teams to Manchester. The charity will be contributing more to this programme in the future due to the exciting plans to build a new research centre to replace the Paterson building.

The charity continues to provide additional help for patients with dementia. A new initiative is the introduction of a dementia nurse supporting patients in theatre who require surgery under local anaesthetic to reduce their anxiety and lessen distress. This ensures that patients can go home the same day rather than be kept in overnight in an unfamiliar environment which may cause them further distress.

We also support the paediatric play specialist service. This service received £23,000 of charity funding in the last year which enabled them to provide specialist therapy to children receiving treatment at The Christie. The interaction and support from the play therapists reduce the need for children to be sedated or anaesthetised during procedures.



Exceptional Minds driving our research The Christie’s research strength and capability provides our patients with access to world- leading and life-changing new treatments as they become available. One in seven patients participate in research studies – with around 650 active clinical studies taking place at any one time. In 2018 alone, 3000 patients were offered clinical trials and 145 new clinical trials began. Thanks to our amazing supporters, our charity is able to continue to fund our Academic Investment Plan which helps us recruit the world’s best clinicians and scientists to lead and deliver our research programmes, through our Exceptional Minds project. One such mind belongs to Professor Silke Gillesson who is one of the world’s leading experts in prostate cancer. She has spent her 20 year career searching for new treatments for this devastating cancer, including personalised medicine approaches that target specific therapies to an individual’s cancer.

She said: “My biomarker research is hopefully going to help personalise treatment for men with prostate cancer. I’ll be looking for markers in a patient’s tissue and blood, which will essentially tell us how they will respond to a given treatment. “The biomarkers will not only help us select treatments that will give men the best possible outcomes, it could potentially spare men treatment that won’t work for them, minimising upsetting and debilitating side effects. Ultimately, I aim to improve quality of life for patients.”




Funding the future experts This year we have continued to fund clinical research fellows dedicated to research in various cancer specialties including breast, gynaecology, lung, renal and haematology. Clinical research fellows are generally doctors early in their careers, who have a specific interest in pursuing a career in oncology. With an interest in gaining further research and clinical trial experience, they help to co-ordinate vital research projects, working with experienced clinicians to improve patient outcomes through practice-changing research. Not only are these posts helping to improve outcomes for patients through improved survival rates, The Christie’s investment in fellowships is helping us to develop and train the cancer experts of the future. This year, The Christie charity provided almost £130,000 in funds towards fellowships, highlighting our commitment to investing in future talent.




Simon and Nikki Connor

March 2019 saw colleagues at Marks & Spencer in Altrincham reach their fundraising target of £100,000, having supported The Christie charity for a fantastic 10 years running.

From the staff tuck shop sales, auctions and bag packing, to bucket collections, staff quiz nights and taking part in other Christie events, staff have thrown themselves into fundraising and their efforts have made a truly incredible impact. Nikki Connor, food section manager at M&S Altrincham said: “Simon Connor, my husband, former colleague and cancer survivor, inspired us to choose The Christie as our store charity 10 years ago and we’re thrilled to have been able

to support the centre throughout the last decade. Cancer touches the hearts of so many people, and we’d like to thank The Christie for giving us hope, care and a new lease of life.” The Christie charity relies heavily on partnerships with companies like Marks & Spencer, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at the Altrincham store for their continued support.



Vicky Lampard has been fundraising with a group of friends for over three years. She began fundraising for The Christie when her mother was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia.

Listen to Vicky’s story here

Vicky started ‘Team Vickster’ with support from her friends and she now has an army of people taking part in various half marathons, Snowdon treks, BBQ fundraisers, Santa dashes, and even training and entering a team of 25 in the Great Manchester Run. This year, along with long-time collaborator, Andrea Howitt, Vicky took on the London Marathon, and raised over £7000.

She added: “It was such an amazing, special, emotional day which will be in our memories forever. We ran the London Marathon for a cause so close to my heart, and for my beautiful warrior mum. The pain and tough times through the race were worth it, knowing we were helping people with cancer. Together as part of Team Christie we have raised over £26,500 and will continue to keep raising money as long as we can.”



Joyce and John Shacklock

Joyce and John Shacklock set up Daniel’s Light in 1994 when their son Daniel was diagnosed with leukaemia and treated at The Christie, Daniel underwent many treatments and the care and the love shown to him will always be remembered. Sadly Daniel died aged 19.

Joyce and John made a promise that they would help to raise funds for the adult leukaemia unit in memory of their son Daniel. And this year they reached their target of raising an amazing £250,000. Over the years they have organised a whole host of events including coffee mornings, barge trips, hand bell ringing, disco and bingo nights, and even a duck race. Joyce said: “As always we are incredibly grateful to everyone who continues to support us and keeps Daniel’s name alive. It is amazing that we have now reached our quarter of a million pounds target for The Christie all in Daniel’s memory.”



The Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association, a longstanding supporter of The Christie, is celebrating its 60 th anniversary this year. Since 1959 it has raised over £22 million towards cancer research and support for island residents affected by cancer.

The association provides funding for cancer care and research to a host of other organisations within the UK that treat residents of the Isle of Man. Many residents who require cancer treatment will receive at least part of their treatment in cancer centres such as The Christie. As part of their wide-ranging work, The Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association has supported The Christie for over a decade, granting a phenomenal £386,000 over this period. Throughout this time funds have been directed to a variety of different areas within the hospital,

including the purchase of equipment for the developmental intervascular suite, as well as considerable support towards the Cancer Research Fund to help support pioneering research projects and clinical trials taking place here at The Christie. We would like to thank the committee and all the supporters of The Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association for their enduring support and offer our sincerest congratulations on reaching a phenomenal 60 years supporting cancer care and research across the Isle of Man and beyond.

Geoff Clague, President; Malcolm Clague, Chairman; Richard Ellis, Treasurer, Mike King, Vice Chairman; Sandy Denning, Executive Officer.



Climbers Against Cancer raises vital funds for cancer research through the worldwide climbing community. All money raised is through sales of its clothing, as well as fundraising events and sponsorships.

The Christie was delighted to be chosen to receive a £25,000 donation from Climbers Against Cancer last year. Inspirational eight-year-old, Edward Mills broke records back in June to become the youngest ever person to climb the Old Man of Hoy, a 450-foot sea stack in Orkney off the coast of Scotland, along with his coaches Ben West and Cailean Harker. Edward’s incredible heroics raised over £41,000 on behalf of Climbers Against Cancer, all of which was done as a tribute to his mother, Bekki,

who was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since sadly passed away.

Susan Grimshaw, trustee of Climbers Against Cancer, said: “It is fantastic to be able to support The Christie. The work they do is nothing short of astounding and they really do need all of the help and funds they can get to carry on providing an incredible service to so many people suffering from cancer. We sincerely hope that the money goes a long way to helping the patients and the incredible staff who work there.”

Edward Mills



During his illness, Lee would immerse himself in creating and producing music, or a piece of artwork, as a distraction. Linda Wyatt, Future Perfect founder, event and project manager, said: “Future Perfect is a community project that encourages the use of art and music therapy to support people through cancer treatment and the emotional side effects it brings to both patients and their families. We organise large and small scale events around comedy, music and art in support of The Christie. We believe that music and art heals the heart.” Over the years, Future Perfect has organised a range of fundraising events for The Christie. Whether it’s skydives, bungee jumps or dance offs, this inspirational group has done it all. Last year, the Future Perfect Comedy Night with Russell Howard and Friends at Manchester Academy 1 kick-started the Sonder Festival 2018 with over 200 bands, artists, poets and comedians performing in venues across Manchester over five days. These fantastic events helped Future Perfect to raise yet another £10,000 in support of the art and music therapy services.

Listen to Linda’s story here

Future Perfect has raised thousands of pounds in support of art and music therapy at The Christie in loving memory of Lee Wyatt. Lee was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December 2008 and died in April 2010 aged just 25 years old.



For over a decade, Peter Boulton and his family have generously supported Christie patients in memory of Peter’s partner, Margaret Hughes.

Peter and his daughter Tansy have taken on many fundraising events in memory of Margaret, including the Great North Run and London Marathon. Peter has now decided to include a gift in his Will to The Christie as a lasting legacy dedicated to his family. Every year, an incredible one in three charitable projects are funded thanks to generous people like Peter who include a gift in their Will. Peter said: “I am proud that my gift will give hope to families in the future. The Christie has been a big part of my life and including a gift in my Will just makes perfect sense to me.”

“Research into breast cancer at The Christie is especially close to my heart. It gives me great comfort to know that we can save and change lives in Margaret’s name. You can include a gift in your Will after first taking care of loved ones and it just made perfect sense for me to choose The Christie. A percentage gift will have a huge impact for Christie patients, with little effect on what’s remaining for your loved ones. One thing I always say is that everyone can include a gift in their Will; no matter your wealth, health or age.”




In November 2017 Rich Prescott’s partner Matt was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer. Having just adopted two children this was devastating news. They came to The Christie for a second opinion and Matt began treatment in December 2017.

“On walking through the doors I was taken aback by the place – the sheer number of people coming into this building to have treatment, to give care to people or to hold someone’s hand.” On one visit to The Christie, Rich saw the advert for The Christie Tower Run and decided to take on the challenge.

“I remember saying to the kids, ‘Daddy’s going to do this!” Following quite a bit of training and with the amazing encouragement, generous donations and support of my kids, friends and family, I’ve now completed this challenge twice! The great thing for me as a fundraiser is that The Christie is clearly a place that never stands still, and the money donated is put to such good use, in research, on enhancing facilities and delivering projects for all those affected by cancer.”



Funds are often used to cover the research time of posts within the team to undertake research activity that has the potential to improve the treatment, outcome and experiences of people affected by lymphoma. Research at The Christie has benefitted patients not just in Greater Manchester, but the world. Dr Kim Linton, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, said “It is thanks to generous donations that the lymphoma team has been able to expand and take all important research from the lab to the bedside.” “Without the support of the charity we recognise that we would be unable to attract the best talent or develop new treatments – therefore, we would be unable to improve patient outcomes as successfully as we do. The charity allows us to ensure funding is continuous and bridges gaps where without it we would need to halt essential research.” The breakthroughs of the lymphoma team simply would not have happened without charitable investment and we need to keep that momentum going if we are going to save even more lives in the future.

The Christie’s lymphoma team has an international reputation in clinical trials to improve patient outcomes. Donations to the team have allowed it to expand research activity, further enhancing the treatment opportunities and latest clinical trials offered to our lymphoma patients.



We were delighted in February to mark the completion of our brand new £7m outpatient facility, offering a more accessible, spacious and comfortable environment for the 95,000 appointments that take place there each year.

Listen to Kay’s story here

Fully funded by The Christie charity, it offers patients a seamless experience with more consultation rooms, improved access to testing facilities and a new appointment system with self-check-in screens, helping to reduce patient waiting times and increase capacity. For many patients, outpatients is their first introduction to The Christie, so it is important it matches the same high standards as the rest of the hospital. Thanks to advances in cancer care, more patients are living with cancer for much longer, meaning we are seeing patients over a longer

period of time. This new facility is helping us to increase capacity, whilst continuing to provide the best possible experience we can for our patients. Kay Millington is one patient who is already benefitting from the new department. She said: “The new outpatients department is bigger, brighter and more relaxing. It’s a much nicer place to be in when you come for your appointment and I know it will be fit for the future for years to come. Thousands of patients like me will benefit from the amazing generosity of Christie charity donors. Thank you so much.”



Thanks to donations made by our wonderful supporters, a man diagnosed with three separate cancers within three years became the first patient to be treated at The Christie using a revolutionary radiotherapy machine.

Listen to David’s story here

David Hutson, 60, is being treated for prostate cancer using the MR-guided linear accelerator (MR-linac) which is the first machine of its kind to do real-time MRI scans while it targets X-ray radiation beams at tumours, making it more accurate and reducing side effects. David, fromWarrington, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2018 having already just been diagnosed with skin cancer in 2017 and treated for throat cancer in May 2016.

David said: “I’m really excited to be the first patient to be treated with the MR-linac at The Christie. I’d researched prostate cancer treatment a lot and heard about this machine. So I wrote to Professor Choudhury at The Christie personally to request that I be considered for first treatment. I have had a very difficult time with cancer and I believe the treatment will give me a better quality of life and minimal side-effects in comparison to other treatments. It’s nice to know that my treatment will help research treatments for cancer patients in the future.”



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The Christie at Macclesfield This year we have launched exciting new plans to raise money to build a state of the art new Christie cancer centre in Macclesfield, providing Christie cancer care closer to home for more than 1,500 patients a year, including patients from areas of Cheshire, North Staffordshire and the High Peak area of Derbyshire. The new centre will transform cancer care in East Cheshire, bringing together essential cancer

services into one purpose-built unit delivering local specialist access to radiotherapy, chemotherapy, holistic support and information services, outpatient care, palliative care and clinical trials, meaning patients in East Cheshire will be among the first in the country to access new treatments as they become available.

For more information visit

Whilst we have achieved a considerable amount thanks to the support of our loyal and committed donors, the charity continues to have exciting and ambitious plans for the future. Work will continue to ensure our patients and their families receive the best care and treatment and that The Christie remains at the forefront of research advancements.



Rebuilding of the Paterson Following the devastating fire in the Paterson building in April 2017 our plans are continuing on ambitious proposals to replace the building with a state-of-the-art facility. This will help us to drive forward our cancer research projects. Uniquely integrating researchers and clinicians into one building, the ambition for the Paterson redevelopment project is to create one of the world’s top five cancer research centres that translates discoveries in the laboratory into improved outcomes for patients around the world. The multimillion pound development will be led by The Christie on behalf of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC), an internationally

Artist’s impression

renowned and hugely successful partnership between The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK and The Christie. This new research centre will drive research innovation, attract and retain the brightest talent, and generate commercial interest from the world’s largest pharmaceutical and other industrial partners. Crucially, the new research facility will enable more clinical trials to take place and will support new approaches to the prevention and detection of cancer, improving patient outcomes and survival. For more information visit

You can help - Be a part of making all our plans and ambitions come to fruition. If you would like to know more about any of our projects, please get in touch with our charity team at or on 0161 446 3988 or visit our website



Would you like to support the work of The Christie charity? The Christie Charity Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 4BX 0161 446 3988 @TheChristie @christiecharity

Registered charity no. 1049751

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