Workforce Race Equality Standard Action Plan 2022-2023

Metric 8: Discrimination Percentage of staff experiencing discrimination at work from a manager / team leader or other colleagues in the last twelve months.

Accountable People / Team EDI Team, Partnership Officer, Ethnic Diversity Group




Key Performance Indicators


The staff survey results indicate that BAME colleagues are more likely to experience discrimination at work from managers/team leader or other colleagues. 12.7% of BAME staff reported that they have personally experienced discrimination whilst at work, compared to 4.1% of white staff. Reported levels have decreased for both white (6%) and BAME (14%) staff since 2021.

 Respect Campaign launched and promoted across the Trust

April 2023

8a Relaunch the Respect Campaign following review (see 6e)

Organise a series of Roadshows across the Trust to promote the Respect Campaign

EDI Team, Partnership Officer

 5 roadshows delivered across the different sites.


October 2023

 Review completed and policy updated

HRBP, Staff-Side

8c Review the Positive Working Relationships Policy

April 2023

Implement “Let’s Talk Safe Conversations” workshops for managers.

 10 Let’s Talk Safe Conversations workshops delivered


EDI Manager

October 2023

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