Workforce Race Equality Standard Action Plan 2022-2023

Metric 2: Appointments Relative likelihood of staff being appointed from shortlisting across all posts.

Accountable People / Team Recruitment Team, HRBP, EDI Manager Recruitment Team, Career Development Practitioner Recruitment Team, Ethnic Diversity Group, Career Development Practitioner Career Development Practitioner




Key Performance Indicators


To develop and embed new Recruitment and Selection training for managers (see 1d) and review and update the Managing for Success training programmes. To develop targeted recruitment events to engage underrepresented groups internally and externally. For example, schools, universities, colleges community centres. To develop and/or signpost colleagues to workshops and resources on career Planning, job applications, and interview preparation, targeting BAME colleagues. Identify a dedicated or specific ‘safe space’ for delivery of career planning and development discussions. Develop and implement equality monitoring and a feedback survey which monitors the effectiveness of workshops and discussions and equality characteristics. Recruit and train a diverse pool of Recruitment Ambassador’s to participate on recruitment and selection panels for senior recruitment (Bands 8c and above).

 Recruitment and Selection course delivered 3 times.  Managing for Success Programme reviewed.  4 targeted community events promoted and delivered.  Recruitment Lead attended at least 1 Ethnic Diversity Group meeting.  3 workshops / interventions delivered.  10 colleagues attended workshops/interventions internally.

June 2023



June 2023

White staff are 3.2 times more likely to be appointed from shortlisting compared to BAME staff. The gap has widened from being 2.2 times more likely in 2021. BAME candidates have a 14.65% chance of being appointed from shortlisting. Whereas, white candidates have a 46.99% chance of being appointed from shortlisting.


October 2023

 10 career discussions delivered in newly identified safe space.


October 2023

 Feedback survey developed and implemented. 50% of colleagues attending workshop and discussions filled in the survey.

Career Development Practitioner


October 2023

Recruitment Team, EDI Manager

 3 BAME Recruitment Ambassadors recruited and trained.


October 2023

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