Workforce Race Equality Standard Action Plan 2022-2023

Action Plan Metric 1: Recruitment and Promotion Percentage of staff in each of the Agenda for Change bands 1-9 or Medical & Dental, subgroups and very senior managers (including Executive Board members) compared with the percentage of staff in the overall workforce by ethnicity (BAME, White, not known).

Accountable People / Team Recruitment Team, Career Development Practitioner Recruitment Team, Career Development Practitioner




Key Performance Indicators


 Increase applications from BAME candidates for Band 7 and above, and Very Senior Management positions, by 5%.

Develop a recruitment strategy to attract and recruit BAME staff to work at the Trust. Explore options to promote career opportunities to a more diverse range of candidates using community engagement activities. Monitor the progression of candidates from application to interview, and interview to appointment, by ethnicity.

October 2023


 Attend / engage in 4 community activities.


October 2023

The data showed that 14.9% of our workforce are from a BAME background. This is a decrease of 0.3% from 2021. Medical bands have a higher proportion of BAME staff than other bands.

 Data submitted to Workforce Committee every 6 months

Recruitment Team


October 2023

Recruitment Team, Career Development Practitioner

 Recruitment and Selection course delivered 3 times.

1d Develop and embed a new recruitment and selection training for managers.

June 2023

 Paper submitted to Workforce Committee

Recruitment Team

1e Assess the feasibility of mandating this training for all panel chairs

June 2023

To investigate and implement the process for encouraging staff to update their equality data via PDR and ESR every 6 months.

Workforce Systems Team


 Increase in disclosure rates

October 2023

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